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At-Takfeer & At-Tafjeer At-Takfeer & Its Regulations A Calm Conversation with an Ikhwani
At-Takfeer & At-Tafjeer
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Abdul Muhsin's golden advice to those tested by Takfeer and explosions.

A small, but precious writing about the details of At-Takfeer & its regulations. Ash-Sheikh Abu Abdullah Ahmad bin Muhammad Ash-Shih'ee writes about the condition of the Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen. This small work also includes an introduction from Al-Muhaddith Muqbil bin Hadee Al-Wadee.
Warning to the Youth from Terrorism and Extremism Extremism The Fitnah of At-Takfeer and At-Tafjeer
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Ash-Sheikh Ali bin Yahya Al-Hadadee writes about different types of extremism, such as extremism in Takfeer, with the Saliheeen, with issues of Jihad, and much more. This beneficial work includes an introduction from Ahmad An-Najmee & Wase Allah Al-Abbass. From the works of Dr. Ash-Sheikh Muhammad Saeed Raslan about the fitnah of takfeer and at-tafjeer (explosions).
Terrorism & its Evil Effects The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorism & Drugs
The Muslim Brotherhood
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Terrorism & Drugs
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Ash-Sheikh Zayd bin Muhammad bin Hadee Al-Madkhalee writes about terrorism and its evil effects on individuals and society. This work includes an introduction from Ash-Sheikh Salih Al-Fawzan and Ash-Sheikh Ali Al-Faqehee. Includes intro from the Noble Sheikh Hasan bin Abdul Wahaab Al-Bannah, Ash-Sheikh Talaat Zahraan, and Ali Abdul Aziz Musa.
Ash-Sheikh Muhammad bin Umar Bazmool prepares an important work about terrorism & drugs. This work includes an introduction from Ali Az-Zahranee.